Tree Removal Services

For most homeowners, tree removal is a last resort. Unfortunately, the natural beauty and seclusion created by wooded surroundings are often the result of careful and diligent planting rather than the magic of Mother Nature.

A tree’s life cycle can be threatened by disease-causing the tree to decay and eventually, die. Crowded wooded areas inhibit natural growth and cause trees to struggle for survival. Even the most attentive gardeners find the need to replace older, existing trees with more suitable specimens. In some cases, timely tree removal may prevent subsequent property damage and reduce the possibility of injury.

Even with attentive pruning, tree damage caused by a natural weather event can cause a precarious and even, dangerous situation. Trees subjected to high winds, ice buildup, and heavy snowfall may split due to stress. Older trees require special support. Too often, large upper limbs become unstable during severe weather. While some trees respond well to extensive pruning, complete tree removal is necessary for some situations.

In addition to tree removal, Naughton’s Tree Service has the equipment and the skill to grind stumps and visible surface tree roots. At your request, unsightly stumps will not be left to mar the beauty of your landscaping or cause hazardous obstructions. Once stumps are ground below the surface level, grass can be planted and will flourish.

Depending on the customer’s needs, larger logs can be cut and stacked for firewood. Often homeowners opt to have all debris removed and the work site cleaned. While minor lawn damage may occur when trees are removed, the staff of Naughton’s Tree Service will safely and professionally perform every tree removal.



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